Protecting, preserving, and sustaining the American mustang as a vital part of our national heritage

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MLP Students to Perform at CGLA

This year’s MLP students look forward to performing for their CGLA peers during an end-of-year celebration. During the performance, MLP students will provide information about American mustangs and what the general population can do to preserve their existence.

Documentary Entered in Film Festival

"Founded in 2013 the EQUUS Film Festival 2016 presented over 150 films and over 60 WINNIE Awards including Equestrian Art Film, Director, Documentary, Commercial, International, Music Video, People’s Choice and Best of Festival. The addition of WINNIE Award categories in 2016 for Literature and Art will round out our commitment to being the home to the storytellers of the horse world."

Students Learn New Tricks

2.25.17 - Celeste Barrett of Equestrian Chaos is a Russian/Cossack trick rider and Roman rider who has worked professionally as a performer for several circus family shows. She is also a stunt performer. In addition to her performances across the nation, she uses her trick riding experience with special needs children as tools for positive reinforcement to overcome physical and mental blocks. Ms Barrett’s goals are to give children and adults confidence in their abibities to achieve the unthinkable, and the desire to unlock the magic each of us has within.

MLP Alumnae Excelling at MTSU

Former MLP student, Vinceia, completed her education at CGLA and on the farm and has moved along in pursuit of additional academic and career goals. VC has developed into a well-rounded leader and looks forward to serving as a mentor to younger MLP students in the near future.