Our Performance Horses

Princess Sahara [Sahara]

Born: April 3, 2003

Breed: Georgian Grande

Sire: Koning
Dam: Flying W Farms’ Moonlight

Color: Black

Registered: USDF, USEF, Performance Horse Registry (PHR), Friesian Spanish Horse Registry, International Georgian Grande Horse Registry (IGGHR)

Sahara was purchased as Sue Anne’s first dressage horse.  The decision was made to breed her. Sahara produced two beautiful fillies by the stallion Gaucho III, Serenata and Borel.

Since then, Sahara has been brought back into work and is being used for the after school program. She is calm and loves the attention of the girls; in return, the girls love her too.

Chivalry [Chiv]

Born: May 2007

Breed: Dutch Warmblood

Sire: Sir Sinclair
Dam: Monza

Color: Bay

Registered: USDF, USEF, KWPN of North America

Chivalry is an 18hh Dutch Warmblood gelding. With quality scores at 3rd level dressage and schooling the Prix St. George movements, we are hoping to have him on the small tour in no time. He has amazing quality of gait, but due to his size, we have really taken our time with his training to make sure that he is as fit and strong as possible.

Chiv is a great character in the barn. His great size is well paired with his easy-going, lap dog personality. Due to his good nature, he is a fun and impressive horse for the students to interact with.

Chiv is a great attention getter at the shows. No one walks by his stall without stopping and asking questions about this big guy. This gives us the perfect opportunity to talk about what we do, our mission and to introduce people to the mustangs. While we don’t want to take the spot light away from our wonderful warmbloods, it is great that they are able to open the conversation for the underdogs, the mustangs. 

Quartett [Q or Quart]

Born: July 2008

Breed: Brandenburg

Sire: Quaterback
Dam: Donnerwunder

Color: Chestnut

Registered: USDF, USEF, Brandenburg

Quartett is a new addition to MLP. He was added to the line up in 2016 to help grow the program on a national level. Quartett has amazing gaits and a sweet temperament. While he can be a bit nervous about new things, we are gaining his trust, and he is really developing into quite a character.

Since arriving at MLP, Quartett has been in training with Shannon. Her time and attention to detail has elevated this horse to one that you can’t miss in the show ring. In 6 shows in 2016, he qualified for Regional Championships, walking away with a 6th place finish for the 2016 USDF National Championships where Shannon easily piloted him to 3rd in the nation at his level of competition.

Whether you catch him half-passing in the show ring or napping in his stall, this wonderful guy is sure to capture the hearts of his audience.

Robinet [Roebi]

Born: May 2009

Breed: Dutch Warmblood

Sire: Rousseau
Dam: Damon’s D’orée

Color: Black

Registered: KWPN of North America, USEF, USDF 


Damon’s D’orée [D’orée]

Born: May 2004

Breed: Westphilian

Sire: Damon Hill
Dam: Rhodos

Color: Chestnut

Registered: USDF, USEF